LETTER: Changes in church

The induction of husband and wife team, the Rev Ian Brady and his wife the Rev Lynda Brady at St Mary’s church, Doddington will illustrate a great change taking place in the Church of England.

To be in charge of church affairs at no fewer than six parishes will impose a substantial workload upon them.

Decades ago a clergyman officiated at a single church building and it was not unusual if his work continued at the same place for many years.

He was looked upon by parishioners as a wise counsellor, one of the most influential persons equal to the lord of the manor.

The parson was imbued with a mine of information, a writer of the parish history and regularly visited parishioners for a chat over a cup of tea.

Quite often the old-time clergyman was a parishioner born and bred.

Nowadays if he or she is not prepared to share ministry with additional parishes, a great many of our country church are likely to be closed for ever.

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I know of several that are relegated to museums and some converted into houses. How times have changed.