LETTER: Checking ‘legality’ of new bin charge

I would like to publically state that I disagree, object and refuse to pay Fenland District Council any unsolicited additional standalone waste recycling service fees or charges for this “new garden waste service”, that has not been included in my council tax payments.

Therefore until I have ascertained my “legal obligations”, I shall not be participating in this scheme or any “variations”.

I make this statement on the basis that I believe, FDC is not allowed to increase council tax to encapsulate this new brown wheelie bin service charge/fee of £40.

Because the government told all councils over the last 10 years of subsidised funding for this recycling scheme, that all councils must adopt a strategy and allocate part of its existing receipts, council tax and central government funding budget to continue providing this waste recycling service themselves.

Clearly on the 10-year deadline, FDC had failed to meet this mandatory recycling service obligation!

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I fail to understand why, After I suggested FDC should adopt a once a month brown wheelie bin collection service between September and March (six months) and then a fortnightly collection service during the spring and summer gardening season, like other councils have adopted!

It was totally “ignored”, a clear case of “carry on regardless” maybe it’s down to restructuring the dustbin men’s hours and reduction in pay? Clearly you cannot reduce their hours without a “winter of discontent” or negotiating a new contract of employment and “pay and conditions.

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I am currently seeking advice from an MEP as to Brussels’ view of FDC and CCC for reducing recycling and increasing landfill. Also their view on this “separate standalone charge of £40 for garden waste collections” when no one can explain why it cannot be included in our council tax payments?

My concern is that if FDC get away with the brown wheelie bin charges it will set a “legal precedent”.

Then FDC will start charging you for the blue wheelie bin! So, what do we pay council tax for?

A far as I am concerned it is and has always been called the “brown wheelie bin service”. And its intention was for “food and garden waste”, also including animal bedding from vegetarian pets”.

It has only been since the perception of introducing a £40 collection service charge, that the brown wheelie bin has been “nicknamed” as a “garden waste service”, if it had always been a garden waste bin?

Why did FDC tell us to put food waste in it over the last 10 years? As mentioned in a previous newspaper article, some of the brown wheelie bins did have the word “food” embossed on the lid!

In most cases it now only says “green waste” not “just garden waste”.

Also on a financial basis FDC will have to continue the service with a full complement of staff on the dust cart! If 50 per cent of Fenland citizens refuse to pay, and return their brown wheelie bins to avoid the £40 charge, the revenue to FDC will “go down” despite the expense of having to provide the service, this sets off a “chain reaction” less bin collections, individual bin charges go up!

A 40 mile round journey to empty three wheelie bins cannot be cost efficient.

Oh! And wasn’t there something about FDC receiving a “financial bonus” for hitting recycling targets?


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