LETTER: Circle Housing should apologise to John F Kennedy Court residents over fly-tipping

The residents in block 21-37 John F Kennedy Court, are now being blamed for the fly-tipping in the communal courtyards.

How can this be so, without evidence, I do not know, another one of Circle Housing “moving of goal posts”?

When I read Circle’s response to me, anger is one of the feelings I had, along with disbelief. How dare Circle blame residents.

I am pretty sure that when faced with questions re: dumped items, no-one would have the decency to admit their short-comings, and admit that they were responsible for the fly-tipping.

I fail to see how on earth Circle can lay the blame at our doors, without good old factual investigations. How can Voids Team conduct an investigation into their own workforce? It is unethical, and biased.

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Did anyone from the Neighbourhood Team come and ask us, no, so how did Circle come to that conclusion. Easy, let’s do nothing and blame the residents, they won’t mind, they won’t say anything. Wrong on all counts, and put this right.

Retract the Circle’s statement: “We believe that the waste must have been dumped by a resident when they saw staff working in the areas as all of this was items we removed from the property were taken away by our truck” How do Circle know it was removed by staff, were any of the Neighbourhood Team, customer services, managers, at the property, in the courtyard, where the offending items were left, I don’t think so.

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Retract the statement forthwith, with an apology please.


John F Kennedy Court


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