LETTER: ‘Councillor nasty’

Yet again headlines are made by the deputy mayor this time in relation to supposed comments by Cllr Alan Lay regarding the mayor. Is the mayor not able to make his own complaint or is this just another case of Steve Tierney playing Mr Nasty against the Lay family.

Have they not suffered enough given the recent episode regarding Brenda.

It seems that it is fine for Cllr Tierney to refer to people as scumbags and refer to a hardworking councillor as “lazy Lay” (nothing could be further from the truth)

How much more are the people of Wisbech going to have to endure in paying the costs of a conduct hearing that could run into thousands of pounds for what was probably no more than a spat in the council chamber.

Before Cllr Tierney champions the causes of his colleagues who I am sure are well able to deal with their own problems, may I suggest that he revisits his old blogs and his “Wisbech Discussion Forum” Facebook page so that he can reread just how much character assassination he has piled on his political opponents. Maybe he should change his name to Cllr Nasty.

You may also want to watch:

Is it any wonder that most people do not want to become a councillor in Wisbech given the relentless and vile attacks on their personality by certain Conservatives who have nothing better to do.

Can I suggest that Cllr Tierney gets a life and get on with what he was elected to do which was as a Cllr to make Wisbech a better place.

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