LETTER: ‘Councillors have buried their heads in the sand on planning’

I write this letter to agree with every letter that has been written about Norwood side and Hundred road.

I myself have written a letter to the council stating the that the bridge is a problem and unsafe, this I included in a letter about the planned house in Berryfields and Estover road.

Stating that any more houses will make this road a living nightmare for all who live near or on the road.

This is not a new thing when my son attended, the March Boxing club, he would cycle up to the prison and then cycle back via the tip to the boxing club in Century way. This we instructed our son to do this so he avoided Norwood side bridge at night on his bike.

Councillors have buried there heads in the sand on planning. If the planning had been done correctly all the surrounding roads and bridges would be improved.

You may also want to watch:

Now imagine the likelihood of 95 house on Estover Road phase 1, 35 houses Berryfields.

And all the extra traffic nipping down Norwood side to Tesco.

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