LETTER: Disrespectful not to honour dead

May I reply to the views expressed in the letter ‘Unstable World’ (Postbag December 2).

To hold the view that your own personal opinion of the EU vote was more important than paying public tribute to those who gave their lives for our English freedom and democracy is in my opinion disrespectful and shows a disregard for those who died for their country.

Without this sacrifice the EU would not have existed and to regard the preservation of the EU as more important than honouring the price paid in English lives for freedom, would suggest that this correspondent has a hatred of all things English.

This country only exists today because of the suffering willingly undertaken by English people and to imply that those who gave their lives to ensure that this country enjoyed freedom and democracy, would in some way be in agreement with the EU and the complete dominance of England by Europe, is further proof of that hatred of England and all things English.

How he can claim he is a patriot, when he would willingly give up his English nationality in favour of a European nationality, is beyond my understanding.

The EU auditors have always refused to pass the accounts when they audit the EU, yet he shrugs that aside as being of no consequence!

But it shows how corrupt and badly run the EU is, yet he tells us we should stay in and keep paying for this corruption. He then states the names on the war memorials are being forgotten.

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They are by him, but certainly not by true English patriots, who will never forget their sacrifice and who voted to leave the EU to ensure the freedom paid for in their blood is preserved.

We never voted for EU membership in its present form, we voted for a trade arrangement only. Since our borders were open to Europe, we have been overrun by Europeans. If Europe is such a marvellous place why are they flocking here in their millions?

Our schools and NHS are at breaking point and we are losing the country as the relentless tide of migrants overwhelm us.

Yet this correspondent welcomes this with open arms. He claims to be an English patriot, but he watches as his country is being occupied and destroyed!

Brexit is just a confidence trick. Those of us who voted for it can see it will never happen. Our Government is too weak and cowardly to implement it.

Three and half million Europeans alone have come here in the last three years. The result of all this imported labour is the imposition of the zero hours contract, destroying the hopes and ambitions of our young people.

He says that no EU member has made war on another. This week our servicemen are being sent to the Polish border to stand before the Russian army and defend Poland. The Polish men who should be defending their own country have fled over here to occupy our country.

We honoured our treaty with Poland in 1940 and went to their aid against Germany, now we are going to defend them against Russia! I may be called a racist, populist, or little Englander, but I will always be proud to be an Englishman and I will never give up my nationality. I was born an Englishman and I will die an Englishman!


West Walton