LETTER: ‘Dog friendly’ stores have not bee deluged with canines

I wish to respond to letter from Pamela Clarke.

As the implementer of the local Facebook group: ‘Dog friendly places in Ely & surrounding villages’ I would like to point out that Wilko’s has allowed dogs into its Ely store for seven weeks now and the other shops/establishments which Ms Clarke mentions significantly longer.

I find the words ‘enraged and disgusted’ somewhat harsh particularly as Ms Clarke only sent the letter in response to mine last week and hadn’t felt the need to meet pen with paper prior to that.

The Facebook group has been a great success and has been met with increased support for dog friendly places. If anything since the group has opened and the stores went dog friendly more custom may well have been made. Particularly by the 200+ members.

From my experience the stores haven’t been deluged with dogs but you may on occasion see maybe one or two.


Via email