LETTER: Don’t blame road blame drivers

Gaul Road junction with the A141 March bypass has a bad reputation for accidents...but, there is nothing wrong with the junction if used correctly.

Twice recently I have had a narrow escape after impatient motorists have pulled straight out into my path. The first, a few weeks ago, when I was travelling from the Tesco roundabout towards Doddington on a “Foggy” morning when a motorist pulled straight out in front of me from Gaul Road with nowhere to go - the carriageway going towards the Tesco roundabout was packed solid with traffic - so he stopped in my carriageway causing me to do am emergency stop, with other motorists grinding to a sudden stop behind me as well! Extra time should always be allowed for manoeuvres in foggy conditions.

And on Monday morning of this week, when I was travelling towards Doddington at about 8.45am another motorist pulled straight out from Gaul Road - again causing me to do an emergency stop. So please don’t blame the junction - but, impatient motorists who should know better.

Motorist should be more patient when joining a busy road.


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