LETTER: ‘Don’t let lack of toilets spoil future Whittlesey Straw Bear Festivals’

A group of us from Wisbech attended the Straw Bear Festival Parade in Whittlesey on Saturday (our 21st time) and left with mixed feelings at the end of the day.

The organisers had worked very hard as usual in ensuring that the parade went well for the thousands who turned up but the public toilet provision was a disgrace.

Like penny pinching bureaucrats everywhere those in charge some years ago decided a few coin controlled cubicles were a better idea than the old-fashioned, free access, multi-use toilets previously to be found. These were never going to be enough in my opinion even if they were all working and sure enough by the afternoon there was only one cubicle to meet the demands of the many.

It beggars belief and I for one, won’t be going again unless this problem is sorted.

Come on Whittlesey, don’t let a great day be spoiled for the sake of a few decent mobile toilets, or an improved static one, please.

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