LETTER: ‘Eggs’ do hatch and estate is not just for senior citizens

I do believe I am one of those two “eggs” in that I am “around the corner”, and therefore would like to respond (albeit in this shortened version), as follows.

The Lyndons estate was not built for senior citizens alone. The properties were marketed as “ideal retirement” properties. That description did not put them into an elite category. So what you were hoping for or told by the estate agent, was not the status quo.

With your reference to the “numerous cars”. Only one “egg” was responsible and you ensured that they were promptly moved on. So at the time of you writing your letter, those “eggs” were no longer living on the close, but you knew that.

In addition, where those “eggs” parked their cars, it did not infringe or encroach on your property, neither was any access to your property blocked. You did not have to pass the cars to get to yours, but you knew that.

However, you chose to give yourself the “hassle” in contacting authorities/councillors to “snitch” on your neighbours simply because they parked on a corner of the pavement where no one walked/passed.

Your next door “egg” is an owner-occupier. They were not responsible for the eight years of overgrown bushes as they haven’t lived there that long, but you know this.

The bushes and manhole are on your side. You could easily have removed the overhang and returned those clippings to your “eggs”. No hassle required. You only became concerned with the overgrowth when a blockage occurred in the sewers.

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Had Anglian Water not been looking for the manhole, the bushes would continue to be overgrown and the manhole would remain undiscovered for a few more years.

Your contempt for the owner-occupier “eggs” is because we are not in the 65 plus age bracket, and your grievance with the other “egg” is because he owns two properties.

However, if that “egg” decided that he didn’t want to play ball with the new landlord licensing law, and therefore chooses to sell his two properties to another “egg” or two, your “hassles” could greatly be exacerbated. Eggs hatch.


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