LETTER: Every legal employment agency must have a licence from the GLA

In response to a letter published in last week’s Postbag column by Mr John Smithee. I would like to re educate this gentleman with the law.

Every legal employment agency in the UK now has to possess a GLA licence. Without this any agency would not be allowed to trade. Unless they are totally illegal. The agencies also have to pay the government for this licence which could cost up to £10,000 per annum dependant on the size of the employment agency. In 2006 the GLA changed many laws for employment of temporary workers, including sick pay, pensions, maternity, paternity and also holiday pay in line with permanent staff.

All of these wonderful people that come from many different Eastern European countries are not cheap labour they are paid the national living wage, many of these companies are also paying under 25s the higher rate.

If they are doing any other jobs at a higher grade they are also paid a higher rate for this too.

I would also like to remind Mr Smithee the reason these local food producing companies order staff for limited periods is governed by the food that goes onto Mr Smithee’s and many other of your readers’ plates, as every supermarket decides to do a promotion or a special offer, this will lead to extra staff, it’s a no brainer!

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So to sum this up, the public are the people who are at fault as they want cheap food. The supermarkets are the only supplying their customer needs.

So to Mr Smithee, if you are going to write something in the newspaper please write the true facts. It is not a guessing game to make up facts which are total untruths.

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If I stated to Mr Smithee that I just popped up to the moon for the afternoon, but it was cold, do you think the public would believe me ?


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