LETTER: Everyone should sign-up to save our local MIUs

The times past that I have written letters to newspapers about the NHS it now appears that the chickens have come home to roost. I’ve told people about what would happened with our NHS. I wrote several about when Mr Lansley was in charge, now we have Jeremy Hunt, who I believe is worse than Lansley.

I wrote in one of my letters that a new broom sweeps clean, but I’m afraid this is not the case.

So when will people wake up to the fact that as long as we have a government, as we have now an anathema about something and that is the NHS.

So all you people out there please sign that petition that Emma Watson has set up, because if we don’t protest over these closures, we shall surely lose them, so it’s up to you all, let me say once again as I have done so in the past, if you’ve never used the NHS you surely will before you die, mark my words.

I still have to attend the Princess of Wales Hospital in Ely, if it wasn’t there I would have to travel to Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, and I’m afraid I would not be able to do that as the expense would be unaffordable, so think on and do your bit.

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I would not mind in contributing to anyone with a car if they care to go round and obtain signatures of protest about closures.

I thank the doctors and nurses for the care they give us.

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