LETTER: Fishy News deserves to be kept at Gorefield School

I write with some sense of annoyance and disbelief that Gorefield School has decided to stop publishing Fishy News.

I was privileged to be interviewed by the reporters of Fishy News during my year as Mayor of Wisbech.

I have also been to a couple of their “business lunches” which were tremendously enjoyable.

The overriding impression was that here was a group of young people taking on various roles, working together as a team, producing a newsletter for their families and members of the community. The other impression about these children was their politeness, confidence in their abilities and maturity.

Fishy News allowed the children to meet local members of the community at the school, and also to visit, in a strictly supervised way, local places of interest.

You may also want to watch:

Above all one could tell that here were children learning whilst having a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment.

I don’t know all the reasons the school has decided to make this decision, but surely there must be a way to meet their concerns and still allow Fishy News a place in the school environment.

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