LETTER: ‘Government’s green light for fracking ignores public opinion’

David Cameron stands accused of running rough shod over public concerns to give the “GREEN LIGHT” for indiscriminate fracking across England’s green and pleasant lands.

This includes pillaging and destroying our areas of natural beauty, national parks, world heritage sites, national trust areas of conservation, and protected wild life.

Mr Cameron has said he wanted “an all-out for fracking in the UK”.

Unfortunately the energy minister Andrea Leadsom was unable to provide evidence to substantiate fracking, was safe or any environmental impact assessment data. Nor whether gas will come out of the ground in sufficient quantities to be profitable.

The government also failed to point out that shale creates “unconventional gas” that will need new industrial gas processing plants to be built or hundreds of miles of gas pipelines laid to transfer it across to the nearest existing gas processing terminal or 1,000s of gas tanker lorries thundering across our road network.

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They also failed to mention that most wells can “lose up to 75 per cent” of their output after one year, and new wells will be needed to replace them.

England will become a “pin cushion” covered in new, reused and unused fracking wells!

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Retired expert Mr Frank Colenso said “the maths doesn’t add up!” And he argues that the “falling oil prices have left the US shale industry to a $220 billion debt.”

All the Fracking companies in the UK are just “speculators” who “find the gas and sell it on and get out of it”.


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