LETTER: Hard in high office

I find it hard to knock a person who is willing to take public office and I understand that at times such a person might be unfairly criticised.

However, when holding such a role I would imagine maintaining a high level of decorum would be desirable. Unfortunately, Mr. Steven Tierney does not seem to grasp this. I take umbrage at him implying that my mother is a liar. My mother is many things but she is not a peddler of lies. In response to Mr. Higgins, she is not a polished Eliza Doolittle but to compensate she is honest to the core.

Mr. Tierney has also suggested that there may be a sudden pattern of people criticising him.

I say that when one person takes a stand others are likely to follow. While out of context operation Yew Tree is testimony to this. But I’ll be fair to Mr. Tierney if he holds true to his words of acting professionally and politely I’m sure he will morph from Mr Nasty to Mr Perfect in next to no time.

But Mr Tierney you must be careful as in elevated positions you cannot always rely on your clique to protect you from your actions.

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