LETTER: Have you seen my saddle?

I advertised it for sale on Freeads and it was purchased using PayPal by someone in the Wisbech area. Whilst the saddle was in transit with the courier, her husband requested a refund from PayPal, (which they did), citing the saddle was not as described!

This took place in early February. I now believe the saddle did not fit her horse, so is possibly being advertised or has already been sold on to some unsuspecting person.

The saddle is a lighter brown leather than the traditional Havana and is very distinctive as the seat is quilted.

There is also a metal aperture in the front in which a key can be fitted to adjust the width. If any of your readers have any information or would like to see photos of it, I can be contacted on: c.evered@hotmail.co.uk


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