LETTER: ‘Here we go again with Doddington hospital’

Here we go again, many years ago a group of people: Jill Freud, Duncan Boughton, Ann Chambers, Tom Jones, Bertha Cordell, George Acton and myself Margaret Carver met in the George Hotel in Doddington.

We called ourself The Doddington Hospital Action Group and took on the task of keeping the main hospital (old workhous) for the local people, along with the Wisbech hospital, this because they needed to close these to justify the building the new Edith Cavell on the other side of Peterborough, called catchment area.

Our motto was “ It is for us to do but don’t let us die” this because of the long 15 mile journey across narrow fen roads to the other side of Peterborough, putting many at risk, we had no political reason, as we were all from different parties

Now they are trying to take what we managed to save, this time using local GPs. I still believe that the consultant should come to the people.

To the people leading the present task, I say beware as much is decided out side of the meeting, in the words of the late George Acton “what do you think old boy” and many views changed with that.

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He was a great man to have on your side and as secretary of the group I learnt how to conduct myself at meetings, also use your MP to put questions to the Commons, hold public meetings we had them in Chatteris and Wisbech, use local press we had the late Bill Bradahaw bless him and get the hospital big wigs to meet you.

We met them in March Council Chambers, a consultant decided that I would benifit from the new arrangement in my old age my reply “do you think I’ll get that far”.

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It was a very heated meeting but we managed to keep what is there now

Finally good luck as I still have a big family in the area.


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