LETTER: ‘How can we live on £80 a week?’

I am emailing you about Fenland District Council benefits team. They expect a family of two adults and one baby, to live off £80 per week.

We have applied for housing benefit nearly two months ago and nearly every week they have asked us for more evidence.

Like rent payments - we live off £80 we can’t pay rent.

How do we pay Council Tax and bills? We have family supporting us, and we pay bills monthly but we miss out on something for us.

They expect us to pay £27 council tax a week and we have to feed all three of us of what is left of £80

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FDC benefits team are not helping us and they are expecting us to get what we can and live day by day on £80 per week.

This has been happening for nearly two months now and they know of the complications and how much we are on and how much we are bringing in because we supplied them with bank statements.

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But yet again they are asking for more statements and more evidence, we have given them everything they have asked for. But it seems like that’s not enough to them.

My question is to them: “How do they expect a family of two adults aged 18 and 19 and one child that is aged one to live £80 per week?”


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