LETTER: How would you classify our ‘eggs’?

With reference to the front page article in the Wisbech Standard on Friday May 13, 2016 I like to give some comments to your reasoning that the policy could be compared to solving the problem of a single bad egg in a dozen “by smashing the 11 good eggs to pieces and then pretending the bad egg is gone.”

My husband and I live in Petts Close/Kirkgate Ward, the Lyndons estate built 20 years ago and designed as a retirement homes for senior citizens.

Over the years properties have been sold and the “eggs” have moved in, one “egg” next to us, two more “eggs” around the corner - one “egg” owning two properties.

You decide - how you would classify “our eggs” in Petts Close, judged by the problems we as owners have to deal with.

Numerous cars and at times people coming into the estate at midnight with loud music, parking and blocking the road.

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Contacted estate/letting agent to be told nothing to do with them. Councillor Samantha Hoy was very helpful and able to locate the anonymous “egg” and over a few weeks and by contacting the police, the problem was solved.

Dragging down the neighbourhood by ignoring maintenance work eg painting work etc.

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Next door “egg” allowed bushes to be grown not only to cover part of the pavement but also concealing the manhole covers (Anglian Water solved the problem and after nearly eight years the bushes have been severely pruned).

Parking on pavement - Councillor David Patrick helped to solve that problem, again police got involved.

Ignoring restrictions and stipulations of the estate.

As you will observe from only a few of my examples there are more than one “egg” in a dozen to make life uncomfortable for others, not to mention the hassle involved contacting authorities, requesting support and in my view wasting police time. Additionally, in retaliation for asking for civilised behaviour, it becomes personal and car tyres are damaged (not only once).

Finally, I can assure you, the new initiative when introduced, will be welcomed by all owners in Petts Close (except the “eggs” of course).

To make landlords/letting agents realise that they could be accountable for the actions of their tenants can only be a good thing. Therefore I do not share your prediction as stated in the Wisbech Standard “nothing will change “except ...............etc.”



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