LETTER: ‘I accuse Nicola Sturgeon of being an “arrogant self-centred egotistical power-seeking hypocrite”

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon - Credit: Archant

I would like to strongly make my views known about the behaviour of Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister for Scotland.

It appears that she does not respect the democratic process that a vote was put to the people of this country and that they by a mass majority voted to leave the EU in the recent referendum.

So much so is her contempt for democracy she is planning to block our democratic vote by instigating a VETO to block our exit from the EU.

Clearly after this democratic vote if we are refused an exit from the EU it will clarify whether ordinary unskilled working people have any say in the future of this country and whether they have any democratic influence at all in government policy.

It has long been suspected that this country is run on the behalf of Big Industry and the influence of wealthy industrialists as was the case in Victorian times.

I would also question whether our government and Nicola Sturgeon would prefer to see protests and street riots like we have seen in France and Greece in our major towns and cities from London to Edinburgh if she continues to derail this English exit of the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon moans about the effect on remain campaigners, unfortunately I don’t think I will ever see the day she would ever come down to my house and wipe the tears away from my eyes as a vote leaver if we had failed to win the referendum.

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In fact I would suggest that she doesn’t even know of my existence and insignificance on this planet.

I therefore accuse Nicola Sturgeon of being an “arrogant self-centred egotistical power-seeking hypocrite”.

Mark Burton