LETTER: ‘I agree we should have a points based immigration system’

I read your article with regards to Councillor Lisa Duffy working with the police in Wisbech and her views on immigration.

In my opinion, I agree with Lisa that we should have a points based system to enter this country. Currently, the NHS is over stretched by the amount of people entering the country and registering with doctors etc.

As a disabled mother to a disabled child, I find it difficult to get an appointment for my son for his epilepsy clinic.

Personally I have had to wait at least three months for a neurologist appointment to come through. I had to wait at least six months for a dental operation.

We also have a housing shortage due to an influx of mass immigration. Many times, I do feel scared and rather intimated when I walk through Wisbech.

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The amount of violent crimes has significantly increased over the last four years. I had to move away from the waterlees area of Wisbech due to the violent crimes being on the increase especially in that WILLOW DINES

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