LETTER: ‘I have faith in the British electorate over workers’ rights’

Jeremy Corbyn has urged people to vote to remain in the European Union to protect workers’ rights.

This is really worrying. It means that the leader of one of the two major political parties in Great Britain doesn’t have the confidence in the British people to vote out any government that would attempt to undermine those rights!

There is, of course, a problem with relying on the EU to protect workers’ rights. With the rise of right wing parties on the continent, there is no reason why the EU Commission couldn’t become more right wing too; threatening those very workers’ rights Mr Corbyn is so concerned about.

Of course, unlike our government, there is no practical way for us to change the ruling elite of the EU.

Winston Churchill called the British political system, “The worst in the world… apart from all the rest!” I agree, it is not perfect but I have faith in the British electorate to vote out (or not even elect) any government that would attempt to undermine the rights fought for over the past centuries. It seems Jeremy Corbyn lacks that faith.

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