LETTER: I think March traffic survey was a ‘cover up’

I can echo the same opinion as Phillip Ball as what he said about the great Kit Owen.

I have attended monthly meetings of March council to air our views on traffic on Norwood Road.

The only person to really listen was Steve Count. The survey that was published didn’t give any results of traffic speed from the Russell Avenue to Wisbech Road part of Norwood Road.

I guess that was a cover up. My view of this council after living hear for three years is they are only for themselves, it seems that if you have a friend on the council then you may get some issue looked at.

The way that the extraordinary meeting on the subject was called was to stop members of the public like myself from attending. The meeting was to be October 5, I think that this was not worthy of being councillors for our town. The only way something will be done is for a police officer or councillor to be knocked over in Norwood Road or caught speeding.

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