LETTER: ‘I welcome landlord licensing policy’

I am grateful to Pat Watson’s response in Postbag June 3, and her confirmation that there have been problems in Petts Close, Wisbech associated with rental properties.

And yes thanks to the involvement and support of Wisbech councillors and the police, problems were solved. Police patrols were helping too.

It is of great concern that owners in the Lyndon Estate have no other choice as to contact the authorities and request assistance (police time wasted), plainly due to the fact that a landlord is anonymous and/or the estate/letting agency shows no interest in solving a problem which is created by their tenants.

Therefore I welcome the initiative by the council to introduce a landlord licensing policy. I trust the landlords will be approachable and understand their responsibility to their tenants and the public.

In her article Pat Watson is misrepresenting facts, showing sympathy and defending tenants who are breaking the law. My advice to her, please check the HM Land Registry conveyance plan regarding property boundaries and Electoral Roll before giving a misleading account resulting in a personal attack against my name.

In short, Pat Watson’s response verifies the animosity created by some tenants towards the law abiding residents.

Everyone is welcome in Petts Close and in my view, an open approach and being able to contact a landlord if necessary, can only help to avoid confrontations as we have experienced. Hiding behind the privilege of anonymity is creating only unwelcome problems and is harming the community. To be an ‘egg’, or not to be - that is the question!

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