LETTER: ‘If we vote to remain in EU then the door will slam shut behind us’

The public are being bombarded with facts? Many of them distorted by bias, I would like to mention a few points which are universally accepted.

The European Union led by the major power Germany, is intending to move to ever closer union to create a European Federal State, That is their stated aim.

If we vote to stay in Europe, but without adopting the Euro and with David Cameron’s special conditions, and our stated intention never to accept ever closer union, we will not be truly Europeans, a situation where we the British will be immediately under pressure to conform to their aims.

Our vote as just one voice among 27 others will count for little.

Now conjecture, I believe if we remain in Europe within months we will be told that if we want to trade we will have to become totally European, accept their laws, and accept open borders, accept their currency. How long before the UK motorists are compelled to drive on the right in the name of conformity?

David Cameron said he would only stay in a reformed EU. Yet so minor were the changes he negotiated (none of them enshrined in law) that today the remain campaign never mentions them,

As for being safer and financially secure under the umbrella of Europe, just ask the Greeks how their lives are with youth unemployment running at 50% and an ever growing debt.

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That the UK is one of the best countries to be in is borne out by the sheer number of people who want to come here rather than remain in Calais.

If we vote to remain in Europe the door will slam shut behind us, a burning building without an exit.


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