LETTER: Is voting out of the EU worth the risk?

There’s a lot of media interest in Wisbech at the moment and if a TV journalist asks me as a resident of more than 30 years what I think about Europe, this is what I’ll say.

I’m voting to stay in for our children and grandchildren, for the positive values the EU upholds in an increasingly dangerous world and because I find the rhetoric of Brexit hollow, dishonest and self-serving. They admit they have no plan!

I also believe the vast majority of economists who say Brexit would be really bad for Britain, losing it investment, jobs and trade deals which would take years to re-negotiate even if it were possible to do so.

Fellow Wisbech people may be planning to vote for Brexit because they don’t like the numbers of workers who have come here from eastern Europe in the past five or 10 years.

If that’s your plan, please think again about what exactly you are wishing for, will Brexit achieve it and anyway, is it honestly worth the risk?