LETTER: It makes sense to retain a hospital accessible via public transport

I note with interest that my local MP, Jonathan Djangoly is mounting a campaign to save Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

This matter is very dear to my heart, as Peterborough and Cambridge are simply too far away for emergencies and for visitors who do not drive. It makes sense to retain a hospital accessible via public transport to relieve congestion on the roads.

In addition to this, a well motivated and rested team of doctors is key to the success of Hinchingbrooke: these matters are inextricably linked.

I have had sufficient management training to know what motivates a team to give their best and what is needed to keep them well and fully functional, and what Jeremy Hunt is attempting to enforce is not only making the best people leave the profession: it is generating exhaustion and depression that is in some cases leading to suicide.

People are becoming utterly disillusioned with politicians; I feel that Jonathan Djangoly has an opportunity to stand out as a saviour of the NHS which could also be regarded as an investment for his future career, possibly leadership.

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I would be delighted if he would give these matters serious consideration, as I am worried about the future, especially since my partner has heart disease.

It would mean a lot to many people if he could influence Jeremy Hunt to behave more reasonably, as he is currently behaving like narcissist and is doing the image of the Conservative party no favours whatsoever.

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