LETTER: It’s time ‘democracy is respected’

Having absentee councillors really is not good enough. This is a prime example of contempt for the voters.

The Octavia Hill community for obvious reasons voted for a local person to be their councillor. It’s about time democracy was respected.

Some political parties still seem to think it is okay to put up paper candidates just to fill their party’s quota - it isn’t.

People need good communication with their councillors.

Most jobs we receive from ward constituents need to be dealt with promptly. It is ridiculous to expect someone in urgent need to have to communicate via a proxy email chain.

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Virginia and I publish our home address, our telephone numbers both land line and mobile, our personal email addresses, Facebook address, website and a 24 hour answer-phone.

If Cllr Brunton wants to live somewhere many miles away from his ward he should resign from LOCAL politics in Wisbech and stand for the Conservatives where he lives, wherever that is.

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Fenland District and Wisbech Town Councillor

Waterlees Village Ward

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