LETTER: Join us in London and let your voice be heard on Trident missile - invite from Wisbech Pax Christi

Saturday February 27 there will be the biggest Peace demonstration in London since the memorable 2003 event.

The purpose of this rally is to state clearly that the people of Britain believe that the Trident missile system should not be renewed.

Most importantly many of us believe that it is immoral to threaten wholesale death and destruction on our fellow men.

Make no mistake about it, if we renew these missiles we are stating that we are willing to use them and this flies in the face of everything that civilisation stands for.

• Ours is not an independent deterrent. The weapons which carry the nuclear war heads are serviced in the USA and it is inconceivable that we would dream of launching them without the American’s permission.

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• The cost of renewing these weapons range from 50 billion to 100 billion pounds. Past experience clearly tells us that invariably these costs overrun. Just think about it.

Almost £1,000 or every man, woman and child in this country. Might the people of Yorkshire and Cumbria who have experienced the recent flood devastation have something to say about that when they remain at severe risk.

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It also makes a mockery of the local politicians’ plea that we advise them as to what local service we wish them to cut.

Tell our local leaders to give the message to their masters in Whitehall. Cut Trident and begin to put people first.

In 2003 Wisbech sent a full double decker bus to London for the Iraq war demonstration. Can the Fens once again stand up and be counted?

Want to join those of us who are travelling please get in touch: seanfinaly@aol.co.uk


Wisbech Pax Christi

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