LETTER: ‘Keep up the good work’

As a socialist and Labour Party supporter, but not a member, I was pleased to read of the recent campaigning work of Fenland Labour Party.

Listening to the worries and concerns of people in the street is a form of mass work as Lenin, co-leader with Leon Trotsky of the October 1917 Russian revolution, would put it.

People want someone to listen to their problems such as low pay, insecure work, and the shortage of affordable housing to rent and to buy.

The party has made a good start in this direction. The initial results are impressive – more than 150 people have joined Fenland Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader last September.

Crucially, from a longer-term perspective, the party now has a vibrant and growing youth section.

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At the same time, the party is holding regular social events where new and old members can get to know each other in an informal setting.

Significantly, this increase in membership has enabled Fenland Labour Party to send a delegate to national conference this September, the first time for several years.

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So I say to the activists of Fenland Labour Party – keep up the good work.



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