LETTER: ‘Lots of issues’

I am a Roddons tenant and have had lots of issues with them. The most recent is damp in the two bedrooms where the drainpipes are.

An inspector came and decided to take some bricks out to have a look but no conclusion was reached. Another inspector arranged to come I had to cancel the appointment as I was working but he came anyway and left me a note to make another appointment after three phone calls I was never given another appointment.

As the damp was damaging my property such as shoes, the wardrobe turning white and mouldy, and a chest of drawers too I had to go out and spend £220 on two de humidifiers and £12 on two non-electric ones plus £5 a month for replacement blocks.

Also my partner tripped in the yard and fell on the gate and demolished gate post as it was rotten. The path was fixed straight away but we have no gate as we have dogs we have to prop up a gate to keep dogs in and it could fall on someone walking by. Roddens are not bothered but what gets me is that if I am one day late paying my rent I get a letter saying I am in arrears and it’s me paying for repairs.


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