LETTER: ‘Making some drugs legal so they can be taxed makes sense’

So why is it that when they support something that they know most tax payers and voters will be against, as in the proposed, but defeated car parking charges,they decide to withhold their names? Are they scared that we, the tax payers and voters, will get upset and complain about them?

If you stand as a councillor, whether it be parish or county level, you should be accountable for everything you do that effects us, the tax payer and voter.

If you are not willing to abide by this, then don’t put yourself forward. Simple.

John Smithee’s letter about the US state of Colorado and making some drugs legal to allow them to be taxed makes sense, no matter how you look at it.

This country could do the same as there is a need for money to help pay the country’s debts and this would also allow funding into drug prevention programs without taking the cash from the tax payer, as is the case at the moment. The sooner the better too.


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