LETTER: Many questions to answer post-Brexit

At time of writing we are ‘out’ when almost half wanted ‘in’.

Who knows who will now lead the Conservative party, the country, the Labour party, or what the plan is?

Those who lead ‘Brexit’ are saying we didn’t quite mean it like that - and to David Cameron “we’d have thought you would have had a plan. What do we do now?”

Meanwhile, the pound has dropped by 10 per cent of its former value, which is not just a figure on the television as many will soon find out.

This almighty crash in the fog on the political highway also seems to have caused even more havoc further back, where currencies across the globe appear to have suffered more damage than us – and poor old Europe eh?

While inspection of our own ‘dents’ may or may not be as bad as we first thought, there will remain only the same old winners.

No, not so much the insurance companies per this analogy, more the good-old international financiers - already beginning to hightail it out of our country. Their only mantra: “buy on a rumour, sell on a fact”.

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The irony is, even these stock market ambulance chasers were wrong-footed here, initially buying the quid by speculating on the polls last Thursday.

No, not the Poles – you can cut that out for a start.

As after any nasty accident, I suggest that sleeve-rolling is strictly for the purpose of sorting out this schmozzle and not each other.

Just guessing that more than 48 per cent will say yes to that?