LETTER: New Fenland street lights are less efficient claim

Street light

Street light - Credit: Archant

How many people know that the new streetlights are less efficient than the old ones they have replaced?

It is ironic that the low pressure sodium vapour lamps (the yellow street lights) that have been scrapped were nearly three times more efficient than the CFLs with which they have been replaced.

Yes, that is right, the old street lights were nearly three times more efficient than the new ones we have now.

Even if the new lights were fitted with LEDs they would still be less than half as efficient as the old yellow lights.

The new street lighting has all been a ‘con’.

Whether the council officers or the councillors were in on it or also conned is not clear but it has been a huge mistake and a terrific waste of tax payers’ money.

The only advantage the new street lamps have over the old (apart from being new) is that they can be switched off remotely, and guess what, that is exactly what Cambridgeshire County Council want to do.

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Gary MacRae

Via email