LETTER: ‘Now can we have some action on speeding in our road?’

Aftermath of car that crashed into bungalows in Norwood Road, March

Aftermath of car that crashed into bungalows in Norwood Road, March - Credit: Archant

Well all you readers who have seen letters from myself and others about the continuing speed problem along our road will have maybe have seen or read about the latest crash involving alleged high speed driving.

Luckily enough no one was injured, this happened on Friday one hour after parents and children had all been walking along this road after visiting the switching on of the town’s Christmas lights, thank God they weren’t later going home.

The carnage was caused by one car who was apparently travelling about 70 to 80 mph and hit two parked cars on there drives also felled a telegraph pole two walls and damaged one wall of a bungalow.

Yet our town councillors say there is no need for traffic calming along this road, and why because none of them live along this road.

No answers have been provided by any councillor as to what’s happened or happening to the monies that was going to be used for helping to solve this issue. My view is they are not worthy of being town councillors because most just like having photos in papers when there is some gala or dinner date.

Just like our MP whose picture is in newspapers more than Brad Pitt.

Yet nothing is done to make this road safer. The likes of Kit Owen and is band of followers only care about issues that they are rewarded for. Let’s now see if they do discuss the matter through the local paper or just ignore it like they have done until the next election of town councillors.

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