LETTER: Please choose Doddington Hospital for your clinic appointments

I feel I must write to you regarding these clinics that are being held at Doddington Hospital at moment they are needed how do they think some young mums with ill children and wobbly pensioners people in wheelchairs get to these larger hospitals bus train.

If people do not have a car in which to attend these other hospitals it will cost a fortune plus this type of transport does not always run at convenient times to coincide with their appointment.

The clinical commissioning group (CCG) sit in their offices and do not have a clue when they take it into their heads to close smaller hospitals down.

It’s not viable they say well I am saying cut down on the these managers you cannot run a place with more chiefs than Indians. Surely it would cost less to do that then we could have our clinics.

Also I cannot understand why people when offered a choice of which hospital clinic to take they say Peterborough or Huntingdon when there is one on the doorstep.

Please people choose Doddington. As far as I know there are thirty two clinics that are run from there.


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