LETTER: Please could we have a proper pelican crossing on Chatteris road?

May I thank Cambridgeshire County Councillor Dick Mandley for showing interest in speeding cars along Doddington Road, Chatteris.

Just the other year at around 11pm most nights we had a black BMW doing 60mph past Willey Terrace, then we also had a “bumble bee” late at night, yes a moped/50cc bike with no exhaust pipe.

Several mothers have vented concern over the years at traffic speed.

Then we had someone at between 11pm and midnight who would drive past doing the classic football beep beep, beep beep beep noises with his car horn.

I shall also be writing to Cllr Mandley about investigating the practicality and cost of installing an ‘illuminated speed warning sign’ at the end of Curf Terrace to flash up the speed limit to fast drivers. Hopefully there is some government/council grant or funding available for most of the cost. The rest will be from public donation and fund raising, if this is a practical possibility I am happy to make a reasonable donation towards it, obviously I wait with bated breath as to exactly how much these things cost.

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May I also ask Cllr Mandley to investigate the cost of changing the pedestrian crossing at the Apple garage and Green Welly Motel, into a pelican crossing with the two yellow ball lights, like the one outside the Budgeon’s shop in town, or a proper light controlled crossing to assist children on their way to school.

May I also say friends of ours have vented their anger and concerns that their council homes are damp and mouldy, some have not even been damp proof injected.

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One property suffers surface rain water run off from adjoining council land that causes her garden to flood. If anyone off Queensway in Chatteris would like to contact Cllr Mandley, I’m sure he will be interested in investigating this issue.

I can confirm I have already inspected several properties and if Cllr Mandley would like to pop round and see me, I’m happy to show him my findings on this issue caused by ‘shoddy’ work by the council and its contractors.

Hopefully Cllr Mandley will contact me and these issues can be investigated. I shall give Cllr Mandley our email and phone number so he can keep us informed of his investigations.


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