LETTER: Policy needs a total re-think

I am very upset as I am sure many others are about the possible closure of hospitals and/or services in Doddington Ely and Wisbech.

This is ridiculous when I came here some 20 years ago this area received less money per person from the government than any other area and had major health problems. Closing of these hospitals is akin to the Beeching fiasco where local train stations were closed which in some cases such as Wisbech we are now trying to reverse.

If these local hospitals closed how are the people going to get to them with bus and train services cut to the bone.

Is this just a ploy so that money saved on these hospitals can be passed to Peterborough and Addenbrooke’s to help them with their deficit budgets.

One minute we are talking of building thousands of houses out here to cater for Cambridge commuters and the next taking essential services away when these services will be more needed more than ever.

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These hospitals are needed a complete rethink of this policy is needed. The National Health Service should be properly funded and if it means a rise in taxation so be it. I would be willing to pay it and I am sure many others.


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