LETTER: Praise for quick-thinking driver who prevented accident on bus route 35 in March/Doddington/Chatteris

I would like to praise the quick reactions on the stagecoach route 35, bus driver, whos actions clearly prevented a serious accident on Wednesday (January 27).

I boarded the route 35 in March at 9.52am travelling to Chatteris. As we were approximately 40 feet from Carters Bridge at the junction of Doddington Road and Forty Foot Bank a Knowles lorry carrying sugar beet pulled straight out in front of the bus.

The bus driver had to do an emergency stop to avoid a serious collision, we the passengers were all thrown forwards in our seats, lucky no one was hurt.

The back on the trailer was so dirty the registration number was unreadable only number readable was B54 on the trailer.

When I arrived in Chatteris, I said to the driver ‘that was close’- he replied ‘that was the closest one yet in 21 years of driving a bus, just need a change of trousers now’.

I would like thank him for his great reactions in avoiding a collision.


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