Letter praises Waterlees councillors ‘who exceeded all our expectations’

FOUR years ago we, the people of Waterlees ward in Wisbech, elected a team of councillors who just happened to be Conservatives. They made only one promise, that they would do their best.

Well I believe they have more than done that. In fact, they have exceeded all our expectations. In their four years they have done more for Waterlees than any councillors have in the last 40 years.

Rubbish that would have lay on the verges for weeks has gone within a couple of days and our roads are swept more often. We have new play and sport areas for our children and upgrades on the existing ones.

We had no place to air our views and ask for things to be done. We have now, it is our Waterlees forum which has been used as a model for other areas throughout Fenland. These are just a few of the improvements.

These are the only councillors I know of that can be seen every day looking around their ward and talking to people to ensure that everything is as it should be and picking up issues before they become a problem.

Their way of working by negotiation instead of confrontation is getting issues sorted. They are working on other things to benefit Waterlees and Wisbech so I hope we elect them for another four years.


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