LETTER: ‘Ragged Union Flag is sign of council’s shambolic and disrespectful attitude’

The ragged Union flag of Wisbech

The ragged Union flag of Wisbech - Credit: Archant

There are certain times in a man’s life when in looking around Wisbech we see something good. This time it is the façade of Constantine House, which after many years as the most expensive pigeon loft in the UK, has at last been blessed with windows and a roof - lovely.

It is such a shame that when you look over the road you can’t fail to see something completely different, which more accurately reflects, in my view, the shambolic and disrespectful attitude of the Wisbech Town Council to just about everything.

This time it is the Union Flag flying from the mast on top of the council chamber at 1 North Brink (See photo). It is ragged - all down the leading edge. Below the flag the front aspect of the council chamber is looking a bit worse for wear; the notice boards are dilapidated; the door furniture has not been polished for three years; the guttering and down pipes are dangerous; and the front steps have not been renewed or even maintained properly.

This kind of disrespect for the national flag, above everything else though, is really unforgivable. Five years ago the town council raised its share of the Council Tax by 35 per cent, accruing a surplus of £20,000 every year since then, which at that time was being put into an ‘acquisitions’ budget.

Since the precept has been maintained at the inflated rate, by my reckoning there is, therefore, a surplus of £100,000.

We also had £25,000 for improvements to the Market Place, and a further £18,000 towards improvements to the allotments - none of which has been spent - so why can’t Wisbech Town Council afford to buy a new Union flag? - Well - your guess is as good as mine.

I do try to let them just get on with it - honest, but I am afraid that I do find it astonishing how prone the David Oliver family and friends town council seems to get it so blatantly wrong so often.

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A little poem sprung to mind this morning that just about sums why I have to speak up.

Today, with myself,

I had a debate.

Am I to remain

Intellectually sedate?

And say nothing

To my Wisbech mate,

Or be considered arrogant

Enough to hate?

Or a hero breaking

Down the rusty gate

Behind which hides

The local political state?

And do you know

It must be my fate

The local politicians

To berate.