LETTER: Responding to Circle Housing Roddons

Sue Stavers, head of housing services for Circle Housing Roddons, said: “Our residents’ health and well-being is our top priority.”

Three times in the past seven months we have found human excrement at Kennedy Court, on each occasion it has taken four days to clear. Urine stains can be found regularly around the estate, indeed this morning when I took the pictures in the collage enclosed, the stains were fresh as there was a strong smell of urine.

I also have pictures of vomit and spittle deposited around the estate. The moss in the courtyards has already caused my wife to slip and fall, it was cleared and treated, but is now growing back.

“We have been on site regularly over the past few weeks to talk to residents, and have cleaned and improved the communal areas.”

I am only aware of two visits where Circle Housing reps talked to residents, on both occasions I was told that they had 20 estates in worse condition than Kennedy Court. As for cleaning and improving the communal areas, some of the pictures show that this is not enough to keep the area clean and tidy. Please note the Christmas tree still laying in a courtyard.

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“We have made good progress over the past year and are working with residents to address any outstanding issues that are within our control.”

To be fair a few things I have requested have been attended to, ie our kitchen door has been fitted with longer screws this morning, after it fell off its hinges because the originals were too short.

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A couple of jobs involving grounds maintenance have also been attended to. In general though I usually get excuses/reasons why the work will not be done.

Yesterday we were told after reporting rubbish about the estate that they would not collect two bags of rubbish left by a wall 30 yards from the nearest door, because one of them was a Salvation Army bag and it might be collected.

Relating to anti-social behaviour, she said: “Residents should report any issues relating to anti social behaviour to the Police in the first instance”.

The reason I report Anti-social behaviour (ASB) to Circle is not only to catch those responsible, but to encourage Circle to discourage ASB by increasing security. This can be done by blocking short cuts through the estate, and stairwells.

She said: “We will shortly consult with residents on options for closing off the gap in the fencing on the boundary with Churchill Road.”


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