LETTER: ‘Roddons should be named and shamed for not looking after its tenants - like those in Wisbech housing scheme’

One development is John F Kennedy Court. There is black mould in some of the flats and Roddons do not want to know but it is all right for a young lady and her children to pay Roddons £100 per week for sub standard housing.

We have been going at them for months and they now say that they are not going to do any more work at Kennedy Court.

The lease holders pay a service charge of about £60 per month but nothing gets done. We need to name them and shame them regionally.

Then the tenants might get the sort of service they deserve. There is another family in Gorefield. Both the mum and dad are disabled and as reported in the Wisbech Standard the kitchen is their only exit from the property and the lady is in a wheelchair.

The property is not fit for purpose, they are living in really bad conditions again Roddons will not adapt the property for them.

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The parents actually sleep in the front room and they have no privacy at all. I wish we could get them housed in a property that is fit for purpose. It’s not too much to ask in this day and age.


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