LETTER: Sacking is wrong

I am absolutely appalled that Wisbech Town Council has sacked Cllr Mrs Lay for non-attendance when she quite blatantly cannot access meetings without the most serious discomfort.

She has pleaded with the town council, to do something about it so that she can attend meetings without serious disadvantage, and they have, at best cobbled something together that is completely inadequate, and at worst blatantly discriminated against Cllr Mrs Lay.

The town clerk has a duty to ensure that all members duly elected are able to attend council meetings. If this means expensive adjustments to the entry at the council building then so be it.

If it means holding meetings somewhere that is disability friendly then that is the most appropriate solution: There is the Rosmini Centre, the Queen Mary Centre, the Oasis Centre.

Cllr Mrs Lay should appeal against this ill-conceived decision to the returning officer.

It is the council’s responsibility to ensure that all members can attend council, meetings. Not the other way round.

Of course if the council had not let slip the courthouse we could have had a state of the art council building, and converted the council chamber into a rather beautiful museum which is after all what it is.

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