LETTER: Saddened at the behaviour of some councillors

I am saddened at the behaviour of certain town councillors in relation to the article about Brenda Lay.

Twenty years have elapsed between the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995, which required all public buildings to be accessible, and Mrs Lay being elected in 2015 but the Town Hall was not accessible.

No amount of bluster and blame shifting can excuse that failure.

I could have had respect for Cllrs Tierney, Gibbs and Hoy if they had accepted that the council had failed in its duty and they had learned from its mistakes.

Instead we have an attack on Mrs Lay, those who have expressed support for her and yourself for reporting the issue.

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The council should set an example to the community in promoting equality for disabled people instead of trying to avoid blame.

The attitude of these three councillors is a disgrace. If any councillors deserve to be tipped off the council its is these three, not Mrs Lay.

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