LETTER: ‘Selfishness of these cyclists’

Our reader wants to know if it is safe for cyclists to be riding four abreast.

Our reader wants to know if it is safe for cyclists to be riding four abreast. - Credit: Archant

I would like to bring it to the attention of your readers the selfishness of these types of cyclists.

The road is Duxford to Ickleton and is a busy road and bus route. However we are continually being subjected to this manner of cycling ie four abreast and in a convoy.

They never seem to think they should get into single file when vehicles are present and want to pass. If you try to encourage them to move over, one gets expletives and hand gestures!

Why is it that bikes that use the same amount of road as an HGV vehicle, take no test, pay no road tax or insurance and can go at speeds exceeding 30mph, even sometimes using a mobile phone is perfectly OK and acceptable? Is it because they are being environmentally friendly and keeping fit at the same time?

Has one thought of the fumes we create when we have to crawl along behind them and brake sharply if one suddenly decides to pull around a mate for a more intimate chat. Do they give an ounce of concern about the queue mounting behind them and that a vehicle could be trying to overtake?

Cycle by all means....but more rules and considerations in my opinion are needed urgently especially as more and more cyclists are being involved in accidents.

Why should it just be drivers that must ‘think bike’? A lot of cyclists don’t think bus, lorry, car, motorbike and even pedestrians, when suddenly they decide not to use the road and mount the pavement to avoid queuing traffic.

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