LETTER: ‘Sick cause is lost’ in 21st century Britain

Thank you for highlighting what the police and others are doing to rid Cambridgeshire of hare coursers.

Hare coursing and fox hunting are vile so-called ‘sports’ and should be consigned for ever to the history books. They are illegal by virtue of the Hunting Act 2004, passed with support from all parties, and should remain so.

Sadly, some supporters of the Countryside Alliance and a number of (mainly) Conservative MPs have been campaigning for the Act’s repeal and for those ‘sports’ to become legal again.

I have fought against hare coursing all of my adult life. Those who wish to make hare coursing legal again must be told by the rest of us that we are now in the 21st century, not the 19th. Their sick ‘cause’ is lost. They must alter their sick minds.


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