LETTER: Streets should not be used as a dumping ground

rubbish dumped

rubbish dumped - Credit: Archant

Yet under the surface and not too far from Nene Parade and the Boat House are these regular welcoming sights.

abandoned rubbish

abandoned rubbish - Credit: Archant

As a member of the Waterlees Street Pride who regularly once a month street pick in our area. I get so angry at how quickly these areas become just dumps for litter and larger objects.

In that respect I freelance and within two weeks I do my personal street pick in these areas that seem to not be on any council agenda to keep tidy.

The bin has been like this for eight days and from whence I first noted it and mentioning to the council’s street picking gang, it has become much worse.

Over the past 16 years I have a complete file, all dated and containing shots of these persistent sites. The supermarket trolley is a one off, but they do turn up from time to time around the Waterlees area; that cost supermarkets about £100 each plus the expense of collecting them.

supermarket trolley dumped

supermarket trolley dumped - Credit: Archant

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If this, as a resident is what we can expect from paying high rates plus having to pay to have items of furniture collected, when what I have shown here is moved for free, but at additional costs to the local council.


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