LETTER: ‘Surprised’ by name-calling and personal attacks

It was with little surprise that I read the name-calling and personal attacks in your previous publication.

I’m sorry that the individuals didn’t feel that an accusation of threatening behaviour was sufficient a reason to make a Standards Complaint, but I do not feel that such behaviour is acceptable.

I should like to point out that I made a quiet complaint in the proper way, but that it was not me that made that complaint public nor me that chose to publish it as a headline.

That was you. I have never made a standards complaint before in all my years as a councillor, but felt driven to do so in the face of the unfair claims made about our town’s mayor. Our mayor is a very decent man who works hard for our town and does not deserve to be the target of malicious claims.

Alan Lay’s behaviour took place in full scrutiny and earshot of many people, including lots of councillors and the town clerk.

You may also want to watch:

I believe most of those present were shocked by his behaviour and words. He was given the opportunity to revise or reconsider what he said and refused to do so. As the deputy mayor, I felt honour-bound to make a complaint and am very glad I did so.


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