LETTER: Taking earning to whole new level

The appointment of former Tory chancellor George Osborne as editor of the Evening Standard proves that pro-capitalist, pro-austerity politicians are in it for themselves.

Osborne, a millionaire heir and member of the landed gentry, does seem to be taking it to a new level. He now has five jobs for which he gets paid obscene amounts.

His public speaking gig alone has reportedly netted him over £700,000 since he was sacked by Theresa May after the Cameron government lost the Brexit referendum last year.

He has a £650,000-job working four days a month for BlackRock, the world’s biggest investment firm.

This former member of the elite Oxford University Bullingdon Club also has a £120,000 fellowship at the McCain Institute for International Leadership in Arizona.

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And it’s estimated he’ll get £220,000 for a four-day week at the Standard. Oh yeah, and his £75,000 for being an MP. Theresa May and her supporters correctly fear Osborne will use his new platform to attack the Tory leadership. Of course, this won’t be over cuts to services or tax breaks for the one per cent. Rather this is about the huge split in the Tory party over Brexit, which they cannot paper over.


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